The Story

When we began The Packard Group, we made a commitment to allocate 10% of everything that we make toward supporting those who need it. Featured below are the wonderful organizations and individuals that we have connected with. Contact Megan Packard ( to learn more about supporting this work.

The People

A girls' home and local entrepreneurs

The Packard group gives annually to a girls' home that is dedicated to helping young women (ages 10-18) who have previously been living in less than ideal circumstances. When we were in Uganda visiting this home, we were treated to food, music and so much laughter. These women are amazing and inspiring as they return to school in hopes of becoming accountants, pilots and nurses (among other things). We work with a non-profit organization that funds and supports these types of homes all over the world. 

Additionally, as needed, we provide funding for young, male entrepreneurs who have aged out of their group homes. These men create businesses based on skills and interests that they develop which will help them create a sustainable living. We have invested in an agro-business and a wood-working business from a couple of the young men that we met while in Uganda. Peter Ssegawa, the mentor of these young men, connects us with them to go through a venture capital-like proposal about their business ideas. He supports them as they go through the process of start-up, and we get regular updates. 

Holden and Peter were great friends. Peter spent a lot of time making sure that Holden was having an incredible time in Uganda.