What can we do to help you build better teams?


Teams are governed by the dynamics of group behavior. Dr. Josh Packard will share insights about the science that drives teams at your conference, organization, or to your trainings.


We work with you to discover the specific factors influencing how your teams work together. Together with you, we design a plan to address team cohesion issues and work with you to implement the changes.

Employee Engagement

The Packard Group will conduct a full assessment, analysis and report of employee engagement in your organization. We consult with you about the findings and create a plan of action to address any concerns. Our team will work with you to implement changes.

Episodes About Teams

Josh and Megan discuss the merits of having a well-balanced and proactive client, how offering services for those who truly need it can benefit, not hurt local businesses, and why hiring a group could bring you more success.

Episode 15: The Power of the Group