Transform Corporate Culture

Develop Strategy, Mission and Vision

What can we do to help you develop strategy, mission and vision?

Systems Thinking

Systems thinking is the science and art of implementing strategic thinking across your organization to drive top to bottom performance. We offer one and two-day workshops to work with your team. Workshops include organizational needs assessment, applied activities and customized materials for everyday application. 

Build Trust

Build trust in your organization by making sure you know what employees want out of their experience with your company. Communicate the why behind any organizational change initiatives to bridge understanding between executives and employees.

Mission and vision

The Packard Group utilizes our ALIGN method of achieving organizational change which is a process rooted in sociological principles. Our process is designed to identify your goals, understand the reality of your organization and strategically design a way to implement the changes you need to close the gap between those things.

A- Aspire
The first step is to understand your principles, goals and strategies.

L- Learn
We work with you to investigate existing operational systems and processes.

I-  Intention vs. Actual
We map your existing processes onto your principles and objectives to determine if they work together.

G- Gaps
After mapping your reality and your goals, we look for gaps that need to be addressed.

N- Navigate
We work with you to design systems to bring processes and goals into alignment using social science principles.

Episodes About Strategy

Episode 30: Organizational Innovation

Helping organizations build community... inside and out.