Josh Packard

Lead Change with Confidence

Think differently to drive true and lasting innovation in your organization.

Josh has a passion for translating complex academic ideas into accessible and actionable insights for industries who are looking to engage and inspire a new, modern workforce that has shifted dramatically in recent years.

Speaking Programs

Social Disruption

Conventional wisdom leads to conventional results.  In order to truly gain an edge over your competition, you need to think differently than they do, find opportunity in places where they aren't looking and understand WHY the world works the way it does so you can shape your organizational strategy to match.


Harness the Power of Authentic Relationships to Increase Trust and Client Engagement

What really drives trust and customer loyalty today?  How do you get deep customer and client engagement time after time?  Dr. Josh Packard harnesses insights from sociological research to show some surprising answers about the way our society has changed in the last decade. Trust is simply not earned by being right or the best. 

His own research looks into the ways that people are increasingly leaving faith-based and professional associations and remaking these industries in the process.  Book this session to understand how the nature of trust and authority have shifted and how you can grow your relational authority with your customers, clients and members.

Thinking Strategically, Thinking Tactically

Focusing on strategic thinking and organizational development can be difficult in a world that constantly pulls executives and others into tactical discussions.  In this interactive, hands-on presentation, I show you how to leverage the power of systems thinking to implement strategic thinking throughout your organization.  You will walk away from this presentation with a clear understanding of where your strategic and tactical strengths lie and what you can do make the most of your skillset for your organization.