Transform Culture

What can we do to help you transform your culture?

Create workplaces where every employee feels heard, respected and valued. An organization like yours needs a plan for inclusion in order to attract and retain a diverse and talented workforce. We partner with experts in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training to create meaningful and lasting change after we connect with their whole organization from the C-Suite to entry-level. 

Culture of Innovation

Your organization needs innovative ideas that are worth pursuing. Innovation is not the result of a singular stroke of genius.  Rather, innovative activity occurs when distinct organizational conditions are present.  You can not only identify these conditions but you can create them in order to foster innovation throughout your organization.

Leaders of Change

Leaders of change are inherently entrepreneurial. Behavioral scientists have identified the experiences that create an entrepreneur within an organization. With a little effort, you can pinpoint who your future leaders are and retain them before they leave to start their own competing companies. You can begin to foster intrapreneurs throughout your organization who will champion change.

Episodes About Culture

Episode 3: Entrepreneur. Dream Business

Voiceover Guy sings some Social Distortion, Megan gets dramatic about pop up windows with sound, and classifieds aimed at entrepreneurs are REAL.